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15th Annual Conference


 April 13, 2021 , 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

via Zoom Webinar



“Politics, Power, Ethics, and Inclusion:

A Call to Action to Reframe Library Practices”?

 Virginia Steel, University Librarian, University of California, Los Angeles

This presentation will discuss historical collection development and access strategies in libraries and the ways visible and invisible political forces have influenced them.  In a time when we are rethinking collections and services to center underrepresented voices, what changes do we need to make?  How can each of us at every level in our library organizations contribute to making this essential shift?  The talk will conclude with a series of recommendations for collective action.

Ginny Steel is the Norman and Armena Powell University Librarian in the UCLA Library.  Throughout her career she has focused on understanding the information needs of faculty, students, and staff, advocating for sustainable scholarly communications practices, and enhancing and building services and collections.  Prior to coming to UCLA in 2013, Ginny served as the University Librarian at UC Santa Cruz, Director of Libraries at Washington State University, Associate Director for Public Services at MIT, and in various positions at UC San Diego and Arizona State University.  She was president of the Library Administration and Management Association in 2004-2005 and has chaired a number of boards including the OCLC Global Council, the Center for Research Libraries Board, the SPARC Steering Committee, and the Advocacy and Public Policy Committee of the Association for Research Libraries. In addition, she has served on the HathiTrust Board and the Greater Western Library Alliance Board. She currently serves on the ARL Board of Directors, the OCLC Board of Trustees, and the HathiTrust Board of Governors.

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