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Conference Committee

About the Conference Committee

The Digital Commonwealth Conference Committee designs and executes the Annual Conference for Digital Commonwealth. Committee members work collaboratively to develop a theme for the conference; identify and engage speakers; and develop innovative ideas that will maintain membership interest in attending the conference. The Committee meets monthly, usually by teleconference. A professional Conference Manager is contracted to manage the majority of the conference planning details, thereby allowing committee members to focus on the content. Following the conference, attendees are asked to complete an online survey. The committee reviews the survey results, and uses attendee feedback to inform its decisions for the following year’s event. Most committee members have served for several years but new members are always encouraged to join to ensure continuity and, more importantly, to bring new ideas to the table!

Sarah Moazeni (co-chair), Wellesley College

Justin Snow (co-chair), Salem State University

Alison Bassett, The Trustees of Reservations

Anna Bognolo, Eaglebrook School

Sarah Goss, Beverly Public Library

Alan Karass, New England Conservatory

Paige Neumann, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Sonia Pacheco, Ferreira-Mendes Portuguese-American Archives, UMass Dartmouth

Louise Sandberg, Lawrence Public Library

Peter Weiss, Northfield Mount Hermon School

Contact Information: conferencemanager@digitalcommonwealth.org


Membership Committee

About the Membership Committee

The Digital Commonwealth Membership Committee goals are to: recruit new member institutions, ensure current members are engaged and are aware of the services available to them, and build member connections to strengthen the Digital Commonwealth community.

Alan Karass (co-chair), Columbus State University

Helen Charbonneau (co-chair), Berkshire County Historical Society

Deborah Breen, Regis College

Paul Engle, Brockton Public Library

Rebecca Morin (co-chair), Worcester Art Museum

Molly O'Brien, UMass Dartmouth

Maryann E. Mulhilly, St. John's Preparatory School, Danvers

Danielle Sangalang, MassArt

Contact Information:  membership_committee@digitalcommonwealth.org


Outreach & Education Committee

About the Outreach & Education Committee

The Digital Commonwealth Outreach and Education Committee is dedicated to creating and maintaining a strong sense of community, belonging, engagement, and support among current and prospective Digital Commonwealth members.

The Committee achieves these goals by communicating regularly with members and the public, providing education and networking opportunities for current and prospective members, promoting Digital Commonwealth collections to the public and helping institutions learn how to promote their own collections, attracting new members, and encouraging members and contributors to be actively involved with the organization.

Matt Amory (co-chair), Canton Public Library

Andrew Begley (co-chair), National Archives at Boston

Anne Berard, Milford Town Library

Patricia Feeley, Boston Public Library

Tiffeni Fontno, Boston College, Lynch School of Education

Jodi Goodman, New Bedford Free Public Library

John Healey Jr., Emmanuel College

Jean Maguire, New England Historic Genealogical Society

Maureen Mann, Massachusetts Historical Society

Noreen O’Gara, Bedford Free Public Library

Lenora Robinson, Bridgewater State University

Jake Sadow, Boston Public Library

Caroline Turner, Boston Children's Museum

Contact Information: outreach@digitalcommonwealth.org


Repository Committee

About the Repository Committee

The Repository Committee facilitates effective communication among the Digital Commonwealth Board, the Boston Public Library development team, and Digital Commonwealth users and members. The Repository Committee provides digitization, metadata, and technology expertise for the Digital Commonwealth as needed.

The Repository Committee is specifically charged with:

• Gathering feedback and input on the Digital Commonwealth website through both formal and informal means. This may include usability testing, surveys, focus groups, bug reporting options, etc.

• Synthesizing this information and using it to provide input on the prioritization of features and functionality.

• Working with the Outreach Committee to promote and provide instruction on new and underused features of the website.

• Providing guidance on how and which national/international digitization/metadata best practices should be applied to partner/member projects.

• Providing expertise on format, metadata, and technical aspects of relevant projects of the Board.

• Helping to connect Boston Public Library’s IT infrastructure with broader digital preservation communications and strategies

Eben English (chair), Boston Public Library

Tom Blake, Boston Public Library
Vivian Gonzalez, Framingham State

Julia Howington, Suffolk University
Alicia M. Morris, Tufts

Danielle Pucci, Boston Public Library

Sarah Sweeney, Northeastern University

Elizabeth Thomsen, NOBLE

Contact Information: eenglish@bpl.org


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