Digitization Services

In partnership with Digital Commonwealth, the Boston Public Library (BPL) provides digitization services to individual members of Digital Commonwealth as part of its Library for the Commonwealth program. These services can include collection assessments, project planning, and digital imaging.

The BPL provides two digitization options:
  • Bound materials will likely be digitized at the Internet Archive scan center located at the BPL and metadata is required before the time of digitization. More info...
  • Non-bound materials will be digitized in the BPL Digital Imaging Lab and only a unique alpha/numeric identifier is required for each item before digitization. Metadata is not required until after digitization has been completed. More info...
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Metadata Services

Digital Commonwealth may also be able to help plan and execute a metadata strategy for both ingested and harvested collections from member institutions. If your materials are not in a repository-ready format, or if your institution has not yet created records for your items, Digital Commonwealth can offer options for metadata editing, crosswalking, and/or creation.

See How to Get Started with Digital Commonwealth.
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